What is SpreadMusicNow?

SpreadMusicNow funds music instruction for underserved youth, helping to shape their futures and build lifelong success.

SpreadMusicNow supports educational pathways through the world of music, strengthening ties between students’ in-school and out-of-school learning and building momentum toward college, career and life success. SpreadMusicNow funds educational services provided by our partners to develop young musicians and build their college and career pathways. We partner with K-12 school systems, local and national nonprofits, higher education and cultural institutions, and professional musicians committed to giving back to the next generation. BeFoundation established SpreadMusicNow as a donor advised fund at Fairfield County’s Community Foundation.

Artist Development


SpreadMusicNow welcomes inquiries from sponsoring organizations and educators on behalf of students who need our support to gain access to the high-quality performing arts learning experiences they deserve. Students should have a passion for music, an interest in exploring music as a career, and demonstrate financial need.

Partner Organizations

In exchange for our support we ask each artist, organization, and participant to contribute money, time, and/or social media exposure to the SpreadMusicNow Fund. All donations support direct student services from our education partners.

Why SpreadMusicNow?

Be Creative. Be Smart. Be Engaged.

Students often lack exposure and access to the arts, particularly low-income and minority students. This arts gap contributes to the gap in students’ acquisition of 21st century skills – such as collaboration, creativity, innovation, communication, problem-solving, personal responsibility and cultural awareness – skills essential to their readiness for college, career and life success. SpreadMusicNow’s parent organization BeFoundation, and its partners recognize that young people need more student-centered, personalized, and extended learning opportunities – both in and out of school. Music education provides an ideal area for development in this way, given its direct relevance to 21st century skills. BeFoundation encourages innovation while strengthening what is already working. We invest in organizations that share a commitment to expanding the pathways available to our young people for college, career and life success.

Founding Team

Greg Young

Greg Young

Founder & Chairman, BeFoundation

Greg Young

Rich Wenning

Director, SpreadMusicNow

We are pleased to contribute to the advancement of children’s musical education and lifelong success through SpreadMusicNow. We invite you to join us.


Richard J. Wenning, Director
admin@spreadmusicnow.org | 203-938-9000 | @rwenning

Richard J. Wenning is the director of SpreadMusicNow.org. He is also the executive director of BeFoundation, a family foundation devoted to dramatic improvement in the education of underserved children in Connecticut and the vitality of their communities. A national expert on education policy design and implementation, Richard has worked with federal, state, and local agencies and nonprofits for more than 25 years. A Connecticut native, Richard is delighted to be back in his home state after spending thirty years in Washington, DC and Colorado.


Gregory S. Young Founder & Chairman, BeFoundation

Greg Young is a devoted father and husband, philanthropist, and Connecticut business owner. A lifelong Connecticut resident, Greg dedicates his life to his family and making Connecticut a better place for all children. Greg’s philanthropic focus is on improving the educational outcomes of children in Connecticut through BeFoundation, his family foundation. BeFoundation is devoted to improving the educational outcomes of low-income students and the vitality of their communities. Greg has extended the reach of his philanthropy to a national level with SpreadMusicNow, a fund BeFoundation established to develop emerging artists.